Gryffindor's of Harry Potter

10 of the Best Gryffindors from Harry Potter

Face it other houses, Gryffindor remains the best whenever we talk about the wizarding world of Hogwarts. Gryffindor is a combination of two French and Greek words – Griffin (a mythical creature with head and wings of eagle and body of Lion) and Dor (Gift). No wonder why the emblem of Gryffindor was a lion and its members were so daring yet noble. Today is the time to recall the cleverest, fiercest, and most amazing wizards Gryffindor ever gave us. Let the countdown begin.

10. Lilly Evans Potter

Lilly Evans Potter

As described by the teachers of Hogwarts, Lily was a bright, happy, and gifted witch and also the proud mother of famous Harry Potter. Born to Muggle parents, Lily turned out to be one of the famous witches of Hogwarts. The Sorting Hat put her in Gryffindor because of her compassionate and charming nature.

Lily was happily married to James Potter, but there came a point where she had to sacrifice her life for saving her son from the wrath of Lord Voldemort. It was Lily’s loving nature and power that Harry inherited that made him a good friend and a brave wizard.

One interesting part we can’t miss here is the chemistry between Severus Snape and Lilly Potter. Although she got very little time in the Harry Potter series, her presence could be seen in all seven parts.

9. James Potter

James Potter

James Potter was a young and charming wizard and perhaps more famous than his son Harry Potter. This young lad married Lilly Evans and became the proud father of little Harry. James himself was one of the best Quidditch players Hogwarts ever had, and it was this trait that Harry inherited that made him such an extraordinary seeker.

The wizarding world of Harry Potter revolves around the concept of friendship and no one else could have done better justice to this aspect of the story than James Potter. The Marauder’s Map kept reminding us of the three musketeers throughout the series, and of course, it was in reference to James, Lupin, and Serius Black.

8. Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin, famously known as Moony, was a half-blood wizard in the Hogwarts series.

Remus was the professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, and he was also an ailing father trying to make the world a better place for his unborn child.

The life of Lupin revolved around several unfortunate incidents as he was bitten by Greyback (the wolf) at the age of five. At every new moon, Remus Lupin was seen changing into a werewolf, and his transition appeared to be extremely painful. In the last part of the series, Remus was seen sacrificing his life while fighting against the death eaters.

7. Minerva McGonagall

Minerva McGonagall

Minerva McGonagall was a Gryffindor student who later became the head of the house. The lady of elegance rarely was seen fighting, but whenever she came against a death eater, the fight turned out to be exceptional.

In the last parts of the series, we caught a glimpse of her fighting against Voldemort himself. Despite the fact that she was old, Minerva outmatched many young wizards. We couldn’t help but smile when she suddenly transformed into a cat. No wonder she was a Transfiguration expert and an Animagus too.

6. Molly Weasley

Molly Weasley

When we recall the character of Molly Weasley, the first occurrence that comes to our mind is her chaotic kitchen chores. Well, she was the only one taking real advantage of her magical skills. Not to forget, Molly was the magical lady who gave seven of the bravest wizards to the house of Gryffindors.

We have one more solid reason to put her in the top 10 – She killed Voldemort’s strongest death eater – Bellatrix, and we can’t forget her shouting “Not My Daughter You B****!!!” Even though the fight was intense, the audience couldn’t help but clap for the fierce lady.

Molly was seen in all the parts of Harry Potter series, and each of her appearances was filled with a great sense of humor. Undoubtedly, she was the finest and funniest witches Gryffindor ever had.

5. Neville Longbottom

Neville Longbottom

The Journey of Neville Longbottom shows what it means to be a Gryffindor. His journey told us that no matter how dorky and shy a person is, if they have the support of their loved ones, they will rise like a shining star. The audiences were left awestruck, when this brave man stood in front of Lord Voldemort, killing his snake Nagini.

If he was not there, we wonder what would have happened to Harry and Hermione. There are many instances in the series where he was seen standing by his friends in both good and bad.

4. Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley

In Hogwarts, friends stick together through thick and thin, and one excellent example of this friendship was Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. Ron and Harry were seen together in all the adventures of Hogwarts.

Spiders were his worst nightmare, but when the time came, he didn’t hesitate to enter a cave full of spiders. Whether it was the game of chess or the hunt of Horcruxes, from the very beginning, he had his part to play in saving the wizarding world. Not to mention, if there was some amusement amidst the intense atmosphere of Hogwarts, it was mostly because of Ron Weasley.

3. Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger

It needs no mention that Hermione Granger left behind some of the bravest witches of Hogwarts. Hermione rose like the queen of witches, from the very first day of her expedition in Hogwarts and became the cleverest witch Hogwarts ever had.

In most of the series, she has been portrayed as a character who is all about books, but in the later half, she came out as the bravest of all. Some of us even imagined her to end up with Harry, but the lady of wisdom chose Ron as her love.

Hermione Granger was one of the best-dressed women in the series and even her fights used to be elegantly fierce. Smartest of all, she was better than any of the Gryffindors, and if not Harry and Dumbledore, we would have given her the first place for sure.

2. Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Here comes the hero of the series. His story is about a newborn child who unwillingly becomes famous when the evil Voldemort tries to kill him. Even though Harry survives the attack, and he was given a scar that made him different from others.

Born to James and Lilly Potter, Harry inherited most of his powers from his mom and dad. The young lad learned to form the Patronus charm in just his third year.  He was also very skilled in Quidditch–who can forget about those fast and furious games with the golden snitch?

Harry Potter taught his friends and family to fight against the evil in the bravest way, and we, of course, can’t forget his journey to find the remaining Horcruxes.

1. Dumbledore


Dumbledore–the man behind the adventures and thrill of the entire series. When you read the story, you hardly think of J.K Rowling, it looks like the whole plot was made by Dumbledore only, and he always seemed to know what was going to come next. The most interesting part of the series were his guessing games that left us all in bewilderment.

The seemingly infinite wisdom, brilliance, and intelligence make Dumbledore the finest wizard Hogwarts ever had. Despite being hampered by old age, Dumbledore elegantly played his part in making the wizarding world a better place.

He was also seen in possession of the “Hollow of Death” in several areas of the series. The great man could have defeated Voldemort, whenever he wished, but he gave this chance to Harry so that he could avenge the death of his loved ones. Without a second thought, Dumbledore deserves number one in the list of Gryffindor’s best wizards.

The Harry Potter series has been one of the greatest gifts to mankind, and even if the series has ended, many generations ahead are going to grow up with the morals of the story. We hardly know whether such world exists or not, but we are never going to get enough of it.