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10 Facts You Might Not Know About Ivanka Trump

If there’s been a person who’s been covered in the press these past few months, it’s Ivanka Trump, without a doubt. As an assistant to her father, the President of the United States, Ivanka has had quite a life. She has had a lot of experience in many different areas of show business and art.

Many of these things were thoroughly covered in recent times, but there’s always more to people than meets the eye. That’s why our team dug deep to uncover all the unknown and amazing facts that will surely change your perception of Ivanka. Whether it be past experience, mishaps or something even juicier – it’s been taken care of. So sit back and enjoy the juiciest of the juiciest about the oldest daughter of our head of state!

Ivanka hosted the Miss Teen USA Pageant at the young age of 15

She really was thrust into the world of show business at an early age! Many pointed out that she got this position only because her dad was the producer of the show, but there’s more to it. Young Ivanka was always charismatic and had a knack for live performances. Even though many children feared speeches and situations like this, Ivanka adored the spotlight and took every chance to shine when needed.

Daddy Trump noticed this right away and provided her with an excellent opportunity to showcase her God-given abilities. Although videos of the occasion are rare, accounts say that she smashed her performance and put the audience in awe. Turns out it really was a fitting beginning to a career of a special young lady!

Ivanka graced the runways of Versace, Marc Jacobs, Bouwer and many more

Ivanka Trump - ModelBrains and looks can really be a deadly combination if put together right and looks like Ivanka really hit the genetic lottery. In her heyday, the 6’ blonde really made use of her looks and build and began conquering the fashion world, one runway at a time. Because she was so elegant and easygoing, designers loved her and she set every show ablaze.

Everyone let out a collective sigh when she decided to forego this profession to focus on more important things to her. Family, studies, and entrepreneurship were all a lot more important and required her to devote more time to those parts of her life. Oh well, turns out having that combination really can be done for only a limited amount of time.

Ivanka forgot the birthday of her son

Oh boy, it looks like epic fails do run in the family. Like her daddy’s fails, this one was also very spectacular and well-publicized. It happened in November of 2016, when she tweeted, “I cannot believe that Theodore is 8 months old today! Happy birthday little teddy bear!” She noticed the mistake too late and the internet burst into collective laughter.

It didn’t take her long to notice her epic fail and she quickly apologized in another tweet afterward. We all know how the internet functions – it never forgets anything. Thus, Ivanka’s idea that 8 months is a birthday will forever be etched in our memories. Besides, she and her dad will give more frequent speeches from now on – we can’t wait for new fails like this one!

Ivanka attended Georgetown University

Ivanka attended Georgetown University

Ivanka, aside from all the scandals surrounding her family, always valued quality education. She wanted to put herself in the best position to have a flourishing career. She first opted for one of the most prestigious schools in the world – Georgetown! But, alas, Ivanka didn’t grace the hallways of this institution too long and chose to drop out.

It wasn’t the end, as she finally chose to follow her dad’s footsteps and enroll into the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania. This school has a pedigree and young Ivanka certainly could afford the prestigious education she got. The environment provided an excellent addition to her hard work and she quickly set off to conquer the business world. You go, girl!

Ivanka Trump and Paris Hilton Know Each Other Very Well

Ivanka Trump and Paris Hilton

Source: The Daily Beast

Bang! This comes as a shocker, doesn’t it? Imagine their hangouts and a number of scandals the two families have between them! Turns out that the rich and famous do hang out together, which is the main reason why the two heiresses are close friends from an early age. They are often seen having dinner or going for a coffee every once in a while.

Through Ivanka’s accounts, we heard that Paris is actually not that bad of a person as much of the media portray her to be. There are also many photos of Ivanka standing beside Paris during one of her DJ sets, believe it or not. Aside from all the dirty laundry in the media, it’s always nice to see childhood friends maintaining a friendship and not caring what anyone else says.

Ivanka didn’t start working for her father right away

Ivanka and Donald Trump

She has always been a modest and outspoken young lady. She was afraid what people would say if she started working for Donald’s organization right away. There would accusations that she was spoiled, undeserving or that she’s cheating in life. Well, the young Ivanka chose to forego all that and invest effort on her own, to try and conquer the business world.

After a few interviews, she grew accustomed to the way “normal” people search for jobs. If you take away her family name, she is a really successful economist and quickly landed a job with Forest City Enterprises because of that. That venture didn’t last so long, as she decided to work for her dad anyway. That relationship is still standing and flourishing.

Ivanka actually dated Lance Armstrong

Ivanka Trump dated Lance Armstrong

Whoa! Donald Trump’s daughter and the most famous steroid abuser of all time? It’s like somebody wrote a script for a movie or something. Lance had a turbulent love life before her and it continues after her. His Tour de Trump didn’t last a lot, as it included a few dates back in 2006. They were missing that crucial flair of romance and thus, the whole thing fell apart.

They never spoke badly about each other in the press. Ivanka said that she respects him a lot and wants him to beat the scandals he was having, as fast as possible. It’s lovely how two people can still have dignity and be gentle and courteous to each other. We still condemn Lance for his juicing, but you have to give him credit for this move though.

Ivanka was offered a place on the Bachelorette

The BacheloretteIt seems that being rich and famous really does help with setting up job gigs. Ivanka is another example of this. Because of her father’s involvement with The Apprentice, the producers of the show thought of her as the ideal girl for the job. A job where a single girl lets guy compete for her might sound fun and exciting, but Ivanka’s priorities were never in that field.

She denied the invitation and thanked the producers. In interviews, she cited that her career and family were a reason for the rejection of the offer. Aside from all the bad flack she receives, it’s awesome to see that Ivanka has her priorities in place. She wasn’t willing to jeopardize her career for five minutes of fame on a TV show!

She became an Orthodox Jew

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

Source: NY Daily News

This one came as a shocker, both to the media and her Christian family! When she met businessman Jared Kushner, things really started off fast and the two quickly realized that they were ideal for each other. Often, there’s a problem when people of different religions get together, but Ivanka made an awesome gesture to her beloved husband.

She willingly converted to Judaism in order to be able to help her husband have the wedding ceremony he always dreamed of. Pictures of their wedding got out, and the whole scenery was majestic, along with some stunning decorations and additions. A lovely example of true love and doing favors for your significant other.

She and Chelsea Clinton are still “very good friends”

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton

Source: Politico

Not many people knew this in the first place! In fact, there was a big media effort to turn the two into adversaries and rivals, given the relationship between their parents. Even Donald and Hillary were good friends back in the day, but their relationship fell apart in recent years. The two girls, however, didn’t follow suit and remained close throughout the media-induced drama.

The practically grew up together and have shared the same interest in business ventures, so they continued their relationship in the following years. Many people were initially shocked when they were pictured together a few months ago. They clarified that their parents don’t influence their social life and that the current situation changes nothing. Friendship goals!

Ivanka was always highly publicized, and with her new position as Assistant to the President of the United States, the press coverage will be even bigger in the next four years. From good looks to epic fails and smart business decisions – this young lady has it all and is certainly one of the most entertaining personas out there. Whether you like her, or her dad, or not, you have to give her the credit for paving her own path. She has earned every cent of her $700 million fortune with hard work and smart decisions. Way to go, Ivvie!

Cover Image: Michael Vadon